April 26, 2012

Leaving Atlanta The Agile Way

I'm leaving Atlanta after a series of bad things happened and one good one. The good one is that I was hired by ThoughtWorks to be an awesome devOps consultant. This means that I have to learn the Thoughtworks way of doing things, which means learning agile. I've been staffed on a couple projects already, so have been on agile teams, but not managed my own project. I have a ton to do, so I'm going to organize it using Pivotal Tracker and applying agile methodologies as well as possible for a team of one. There will be solo standups at 10:10 daily, I'm going to walk the wall and talk to myself as often as needed!

Obviously some things I'm not going to be emulate simply because this is not a software project. I'll try and make that clear.

You can track my progress, watch me shuffle cards around and see how I'm doing. I'll be adding cards and scoring stories tonight, so it should be pretty filled out by the time you read this.

I'm also reading the PragProg Thoughtworks book of essays, so a ton of project management stuff is coming at me right now. I'm still forming my own ideas about how to manage this.

Fellow TWers, I wanted to use Mingle for this, but I'm working out some Licensing issues with the Studios team