April 7, 2010

Lunch As An Extension Of Self

In Spain, it is not the norm to buy lunch at work every day, as it is in many places. Here, almost everyone brings their lunch in a small tupperware and lunchbag, which are heated in the microwave. As I was sitting at a table today, eating a sandwich I started to notice that even though we're all grown up now, our lunches and lunchboxes kind of like an extension of our personalities. In the same way we use clothing to show others what we are like and what we're about, your lunchbox does the same. For example, I was sitting next to the art director of my company who was eating a very neatly packed seared fish with a separate container for his sauce and his own cutlery. Everything was executed with a certain kind of attention to detail, rather fitting for someone with an artistic eye. One of the members of the phone sales team was also present, and hers was a few things, essentials, pulled out of the fridge on the way out of the door. Much like sales calls, little prep work necessary, but good execution must be constant. These observations are obviously not without biases, and subject to huge variation, but I never thought that having a cool lunchbox or a dope snack in it would ever matter again, but it seems that those issues are timeless.